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How to Go About DIY Fabric Shaving Do you find it annoying to see those lint and small pieces of textile fibers sticking on your clothing? This is especially true for those clothing that have a dark and plain color. Usually this happens if you wash your fabric in a washing machine. But there are

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How to Keep your Cookies Soft and Fresh We all love to bring cookies at work or in school. It’s great for snacks and perhaps as part of our lunch. But the problem with cookies is that they get too hard and will not stay fresh that long. If you love cookies, there are life

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How to Easily Start a Fire Pit Unlike those people in the ancient times, we are all lucky enough to have lived in a world filled with so many modern conveniences. And because of this, we no longer need to spend a lot of time in building a fire. All we basically need to do

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Making an Autocorrect Shortcut on your Phone for your Email Address There are lots of mobile apps and online services that would require you to provide your email address. There is no problem with this. However if you are using your mobile phone in browsing the Internet, it can be such a big challenge to

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How to Keep your Valuables Safe When In the Beach While it’s really fun to frolic in the beach especially during summer, it is also important that we keep our valuables fully protected. The beach could become overcrowded at this time of the year and if you are not careful, your valuables might get stolen

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Healthier Version of Cream for Cream Based Soups Cream based soups are perhaps among the most delicious soups available. However, these soups are filled with saturated fat and calories and are not really the healthiest. In fact, some experts claim that this type of food is the number one reason why people are becoming overweight.